Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#47.5 -- Gobbling Sound Emanates From Wooden Turkey, Scientists Baffled

"The executor of the Dillinger estate has made threats against us."

I woke this morning, made tea and scones, and dressed myself, as I do, and at 11 o'clock, I approached the masters' study to inquire of them the topic for this week's entry. Instead of the productivity and politeness I am accustomed to, I was greeted with this note, which was affixed to the door with an ornate Mayan knife made from Quetzalcoatl feathers and obsidian. I will print the note in full here and now, as I was instructed by the contents of the note itself.
Dearest Poots,

It's Thanksgiving, man! It's all about football and slow-cooking food! Don't you like mixing types of alcohol while having awkward, and yet strangely intimate, conversations with people you've only met two or three times in your life? Well, we do!

Plus, balloon floats!

If you don't mind, you can have the remainder of the week off. We had a few prospective pieces that we could have used but we ran out of time because of a few unanticipated roadblocks, namely:
  • The executor of the Dillinger estate has made threats against us
  • Iambic pentameter takes forever to write in
With these things in mind, we thought it best to delay things until the heat dies down. Post this note so people know what's up. Also, we wanted to share some video footage of a recent scientific discovery. Apparently, gobbling sounds are emanating from a wooden turkey and the academic community is just completely baffled. That is all. Enjoy your time off, Poots!

I have embedded the video as was requested.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Good day.

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-- Caretaker Poots
on Twitter  |  @GhostLittle_WTF

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