Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#49.5 -- How Does Somebody Start A Rumor On The Internet?

We know, we're so close to the semi-centennial 50th episode! Before then though, we must ask:

Are you, or somebody that you care about, interested in how people start rumors on the Internet? Just, like, interested in how it works, really? If so, we, the creators of "Should I Cross The Street" have devised a neat chart on how to approach this question.

(click to embiggen)

This guide should get you going. Don't be afraid to get creative or esoteric in your rumoring -- remember, murkiness is anonymity's attractive cousin.

-- Doberman
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  1. Salvatore Leone is still alive That was only a decoy, a body double in Gta 3. That gunshot at the end of the game was Salvatore getting revenge after Maria betrayed him by sending one of his men after her. Salvatore by that stage had fled the yakusa to Vice City or San Andreas Probably the latter as he knew it from that casino business in the 90's. Now imagine that he's the antagonist of Gta 5 and his former bodyguard Mike is one the protagonist of Gta 5 Michael which there's actually a rumor about. Michael's wife Amanda who is angry at him for neglecting her teams up with Salvatore to betray him to the feds. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are planning a massive bank heist on Los Santos Bank with the help of insider Ken Rosenberg who has changed professions from a lawyer to a banker since the events of Gta San Andreas. The last mission would be set in a military base with Salvatore and Amanda getting ready to escape and either called the last don or don voyage.

  2. Anyone heard the latest rumour? Australian kidnap survivor Warren Rodwell has married again BUT this time in Afghanistan. It seems this middle aged dude divorced his Filipino bride after he was released, and now knows the difference between a hijab, niqab and burka. If you have ever been to Afghanistan you would have noticed that the majority of them are light skinned and Persian. Senor Rodwell was quoted in 2013 as saying that he was thinking Caucasian next time round.

  3. Philippines: "Staying Safe Abroad" Has No Criticism of Kidnapped Australian, Only His Exposure to High-Risk Conduct

    I have reviewed my December 7, 2011 posting which is reflected below and underline no ill-will was intended toward Warren Rodwell, an Australian citizen, who was kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf on December 5, 2011 and ultimately released on March 2, 2013.

    No one could have been happier that I with his release from captivity and applaud his return to his family and friends.

    As I indicated in the below link, I meant no ill-will toward Mr. Rodwell, only his conduct which contributed to his abduction and his loss of freedom for 15 months, which was influenced by the below links which discouraged travel to the Southern Philippines by Australian citizens:


    Additionally, if either of the below links are factually incorrect, please advise me accordingly and I will correct the record.



    COMMENT: One of the reasons that the below link was created in 2009, was to assist other foreign travelers in not making the same errors in judgment that previous travelers have made, many of which can have not only adverse and irreversible results:


    The advice I offered to all kidnap victims who are faced with being outnumbered while in the process of abducted, I stand behind, as confronting a kidnapping is only compounded further if one has been injured as well.

    If I have made any comments re: Mr. Rodwell that are factually incorrect, I tender my apologies for making such statements and respectfully retract them.

    Posted by Ed Lee at 5:36 PM Monday, December 1, 2014