Monday, July 18, 2011

#31.5 -- 4 | P0W3Я H0µЯ (Part 2)

Another special pre-update for the week of July 18th. Due to our ongoing legal battle with Axel Rose, it took a little bit to obtain the legal rights for non-revenue generating use of "Paradise City." Hence, the delay in part two of our video series going live.

Without further adieu, please enjoy a part two of "4 |  P0W3Я H0µЯ," the video tribute to drinking, music, and video games:

The other parts are cut and loaded on YouTube already, the full playlist you can find here. We'll be adding updates periodically when things get slow. Unfortunately, Part 4 is facing similar licensing issues because Jay-Z is lowballing us. Can you believe that?

Look for full update tomorrow.

-- Ghost Little and Doberman
on Twitter  |  @GhostLittle_WTF

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