Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's That From? #0 -- Negative Zero

“What’s That From?” is a 3-panel comic that tries its damnedest to contain it’s two main characters, Ghost Little and Doberman, who live their lives as a series of interconnected non-sequiturs. Ghost writes and draws the strip and Doberman is a robot. The title “What’s That From?” is derived from the two of them attempting to recall where exactly all their banter and references come from, or, on a good day, if their ramblings and shenanigans are actually original. It’s also funny that the acronym for it is "WTF?" And finally, if somebody were to quote it in real life, and somebody else asks what they’re quoting, it’d turn into an Abbot and Costello routine, which the kids go bum-over-noggin' for.

As the days go by, Ghost Little and Doberman dissect the human condition, frequently touching on people’s relationship with modern technology, and they also make horribly off-color jokes directed at people that deserve ridicule. Their adventures are most certainly not for those with weak stomachs. But Ghost is getting worried. He keeps wondering where his ideas come from -- are they ever his, or are they always from somewhere else? Is there any originality, any substance, any color, any progress, or any definition in this crazy, ‘effed-up world? How can we exist in the present if we can’t first understand where we’ve come from?

There are rumblings in the east, maybe or maybe not near Mordor, we’re not really sure. The suspicion that all that has ever been perceived by mankind is starting to coalesce into a vivid sentience is beginning to come true. Legends call it the Singularity or the Monomyth. Ghost Little calls it his worst nightmare, and he has the worst feeling that he’s been there before!


-- Ghost Little

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